Is this the way to fairyland?

It says so on the sign

I’m sure it’s where I was last night

I recognize the climb.

Down, across the bridge and up

Up, then through the trees

It’s there my memory weakens

The way, I cannot see.

Last night I travelled light of step

And even before the glade

I could hear through air so still and clear

Each note musicians played.

And then a hand took mine in hers

And beneath the moonbeams’ fall

I watched as figures swirled around

I was at the fairies’ ball.

As gentle as a feather’s touch

They danced ‘neath the silver moon

Laughter rang and smiles were met

In time to every tune.

Elves and goblins were the band

So sweetly did they play

Every melody filled my heart

Never did they fade.

Then gradually the orb moved on

And darkness took its stead

Each note and figure drifted, gone

I left to take my bed.

Is this the way to fairyland?

It says so on the sign

Yet I’m not so certain as to where I was

An empty hand is mine.

Paul Dominic Gray   July 2019

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