Once upon a day, long time gone

A passenger looked out to the lane below.

On his way to work in Town

And on his weary way to home.

He saw, in the morning, the crisp golden green

Delicately painted by the soft beams of the brush.

Red were his eyes as he warded off sleep

Glancing below to the lane in a hush.

Autumn, and leaves lay a carpet of gold

Touched here and there by a frost in the night.

Travelling home, the day nearly done

He noted the lane disappear in the light.

The track and the bridge were numb in the cold

It wasn’t yet dawn when the train went across.

The carriage was lit on its way to and fro

The lane caught the glimpses, then they were lost.

But gradually the dark and the loneliness left

The lane reawakened and welcomed the dew.

The passenger smiled as reacquaintance was made

And travelled to home seeing memories renew.

Paul Dominic Gray   July 2019

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