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“The Willows of Crosston” – The story of the love between a man and a little girl. Set in Hertfordshire, England, “It has a most poetic feel to its composition, and places a great deal of emphasis on the new life which three children, especially Joy, bring to all whom they meet, while the novel carries with it an atmosphere of light and love.”
Short stories, some set in Hertfordshire, England. Moving and right from the heart.
The interlude of THE WILLOWS OF CROSSTON. And so it was that on a Friday evening in the first week of December, with Brandy safely ensconced at the home of William, and his dog, Ben, and Jerrica locking the front door behind them, the three girls trooped down the garden path of their home to Joseph awaiting in his car. They stepped in uncertainty of what was to come; through the shadowy night around them; and felt the chill of the air: and were, at the same time, warm and ice-cold with expectation and excited anticipation.
A musical play in two acts
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